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Products and Services

Smile by Design Dental Studios is proud to offer Full Dental Laboratory Services:
Crown & Bridge, Full & Partial Dentures, Implants and Orthodontic Appliances
Use our Case Delivery Calculator for an estimation of laboratory time requirements.
Dentists and staff are invited to contact us for an accurate time quote on complex cases, eg. zirconia, implants, combination cases.

A price list is available on request.

For technical details of many of our products please visit:
The Document Archive - complete documentation / technical data / illustrations - in PDF format.
The Zirconia Page - images, illustrations and technical data in brief.
Crown & Bridge - Illustrations of various all-ceramic technologies

Crown & Bridge Services
  • CAD/CAM - Procera / Zirconia by Straumann, press to metal or zirconia
  • Pressable Ceramics (leucite/lithium disilicate) - Crown & Bridge / IPS Empress (Crown and Bridge) / e.max 
    e.max veneers, Empress Esthetic Veneers
  • Captek - "metal composite" crowns and bridges 
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Implant Retained Crowns/Bridges/Dentures - Alloy/Titanium/Zirconium/Ceramic/Acrylic
  • Smile by Design Porcelain Veneers/Inlays/Onlays
  • Metal/Ceramic Posts
  • Full Metal Crowns / Inlays / Onlays
  • Maryland Bridge - Alloy / Ceramic
  • Implants - all major implant systems are supported
    • Nobel Biocare / Procera / Zirconia
    • Straumann / Zirconia  (scanning and design in laboratory - via etkon)
    • Biomet 3i 
    • Innova
    • Bicon Implants
    • Swiss NF/Vident
    • Zimmer Dental
    • Ankylos
    • Astral Tech
  • Lab C&B Related Services
    • Custom Shade / Custom Stain
    • Implant Component Selection Assistance
    • Chairside - Technical Assistance
    • Cosmetic Dental Imaging (smile image enhancement )
Denture Services

Full Upper/Lower Dentures
Flexible Partial Dentures
Flexible Full Dentures
Cast Partials
Acrylic Partials
Denture Repair Services
Custom & Bleaching Trays
Night & Sports Guards
Implant Supported / Retained Denture

Ortho & Other Services

Eclipse appliances
Veriflex night guard
Sports mouth guard
Space Maintainer
Adams Clasp
Pro-form mouth guards
Impak night guards
Eclipse night guards
Essex splints

Dental Composites
Smile by Design Temporaries
Radica Temporaries
Cristobal Veneers/Inlays/Onlays/Full Crowns & Bridges
Other Services
Smile by Design diagnostic wax-ups
Custom shade at Dr.'s office, with imaging.
Custom Stain at the laboratory. (Shade "X" Easyshade...easiest way to measure shades under any light conditions).

We are pleased to offer 5 years warranty on all our crown and bridge for normal wear and tear.
Warranty is voided if external situations caused damage.
Please note that a 1 year warranty applies to cast chrome partials.

Payment Policy
Payment is due upon receipt of statement. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or a regular cheque.
Other payment options are available upon request.

Product Completion Times

Item Required Lab Days Required
Custom Trays 3
Bite Blocks 3
Set Up Denture 4
Finish Denture 4
Cast Framework 5
Post and Cores 4
Full Metal Crown 5
Porcelain to Metal Crown 7
All-Ceramic Crowns 7
Bridge Work 10
Ortho Work 7
Implants 10